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  1. Very Nice plugs! Way out of my budget! Any others?
  2. I've replaced the gt28 turbo with a tb28, spooling is much better but my water temps are running higher than usual. The tb28 is only oil cooled. I've also upgraded the radiator but doesn't make a differences. Even modified the bumper to force more air into the radiator but under load the water temp goes up a little just above the middle on warmer days. I am thinking of fitting an oil cooler as well. I want to upgrade coil packs as well, any available? What is the best spark plugs for the car when running higher boost?
  3. How about getting the 3sz head, intake and cams and just fit it onto our block? Does it fit directly with no issues?
  4. Cool! I've replaced the turbo again, car is going for tuning again on Tuesday. Want to ask tuner to lift rev limeter if it makes power past it. Did you replace cams or any internals?
  5. Hi guys long time no speak! I want to increase the rev limiter on my car how high will be save?
  6. Hi guys anyone fitted a engine torque damper to their car? Fitted daytime running lights. VID-20190528-WA0000.mp4
  7. Another thing that bothers me is the lack in power the car has on cold start with bigger turbo. When you drive it a bit and engine gets warm then it feels better. It's like they retard the timing when engine is cold so you cant boost it up, I think it's because of the oem turbo spooling to quickly and they want to protect the engine?l
  8. Hi guys Is there anyway I can better the brake feel on my car. It's always been like that it brakes low down I want it to brake higher on the pedal. Is it the brake booster? What can I do? I am going to replace the gt28 turbo on my car to try and get rid of the turbo lag. I bought a tb28 turbo. Will see how goes. Only thing is this turbo is only oil cooled.
  9. No joke 17s are on and driving nicely. Space is very limited though, but i made it work
  10. Fitted some 17s. Difficult since my car is dropped but nothing a grinder could fix ?
  11. I spoke to a autobox expert and he suggested I fit the sirion 1.5l autobox. The torque converter is bigger and stronger. He did say that the ABS light might come on. If that happens might have to build all the internals over from that box into my yrv box
  12. Cool. I am considering fitting sirion manual box with 1.5l flywheel and will make up a clutch to handle the torque
  13. True, I will chat to some guys this side as well